Never lose the security of your financial resources.

Our accounting office provides a range of services according to your needs.



Our accounting office to provide accounting services at the best market prices and to aim for the growth
and profitability of your  business.

  • Keeping of accounts
  • Compilation of financial statements
  • Carrying out internal audits
  • Production Costing

Taxation techniques

Constantly updated about the existing legal frameworks, we are turning tax information into a business
tool for each organization to use it as a financial vehicle. Knowing the specificities of every business
and individuals, we are planning an appropriate tax plan.

  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Income taxation
  • Taxation of immovable property
  • Determination of VAT


A highly trained and experienced staff is at your disposal to develop and finance your business.  According to the development programs concerned.

  • Immediate information on each tax bill
  • Budget for each business plan
  • Developing a strategy
  • Research Services

ERDF Grants

The day to day study of the characteristics of your company makes the selection of the appropriate NSRF program. We advise you based on our multi annual grant experience and enable high success rates for your business plan.

  • Save – Autonomize
  • Liquidity support
  • Pre-publication of the Action “e-retail”
  • Subsidy for catering undertakings

Labor  Payroll

We’re taking over the payroll of your business using the latest online programs in the market.

  • Monthly payroll calculation

  • Analysis of the cost of each employee.

  • Continuous information for workers

  • I.K.A. Census

Start Individual Business

The sole proprietor is the oldest and simplest business. It is established and run by a person who,  as owner and commander, is responsible for all decisions and their consequences, exercising self-esteem.

The individual company is highly flexible and adaptable to changes in the market and is closely linked to the person of its owner. Its particular advantages are:

  • There shall be no limitation of a minimum fund of formation
  • The economy of operating costs
  • The ability to take immediate decisions
  • Confidence in financial advisers